Trina Solar’s Llanos IV and V PV Projects registered under the UNFCCC CDM
“Program of Photovoltaic Incentives of Colombia”

Aiming for certification under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism

China’s Trina Solar Co Ltd has registered their Bosques Solares de los Llanos phases IV and V solar projects under the Program of Photovoltaic Incentives of Colombia – the Bonos Solares Program. This is an important prerequisite for the projects to be certified as official climate protection projects and to generate Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

The Bosques des Los Llanos Solar Park in Puerto Gaitan is the second largest solar energy project in Colombia. It is developed and managed by photovoltaic specialist Trina Solar’s International System Business Unit (ISBU). Phases IV and V that have now been registered under the Program of Photovoltaic Incentives of Colombia Llanos have a combined capacity of 38.8 MW and a peak capacity of 52.42 MWp, which will be commissioned in early 2022. By signing the contract with the Bonos Solares Program, Trina will now benefit from a fast-track solution to get their project certified by the CDM using simplified requirements.

In addition to this, the facilities will benefit from a 15-year tax exemption granted by Colombian law for renewable electricity generators that process and sell CERs according to the Kyoto Protocol, and invest at least 50% of the CER revenues into social activities in the area of the plant.

In the fast lane for certification

“Colombia has one of the most sophisticated systems in the world for the taxation of carbon emissions,” explains Christian Johansen Business Development Manager ISBU – Colombia of Trinasolar.

“Through our collaboration with the Bonos Solares Program, we will be able to quickly offer solutions that will certify emission reductions and save on tax payments. Being able to generate emission reduction certificates for the carbon market will secure additional revenues streams for our Llanos IV and V facilities and guarantee the financial viability of the projects. With our project, we will make an important contribution to the energy transition in Colombia and help support sustainable development on the ground.”

The Bonos Solares Program, under which Trina has now registered their solar PV facilities, is known as a Programme of Activities which is accredited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Bonos Solares Program offers several advantages which include a fast-track and simplified registration process without the need for a further Stakeholder Consultation, host- country approval letter or a baseline grid emission factor that is already validated and therefore locked-in for the first 7 years of plant operation.

Contributing to a sustainable energy transition in Colombia

“We are very excited about the possibility to collaborate with Trina, one of the most reputable companies in the international solar pv market”, says Paola del Rio Villegas, who represents the Bonos Solares Program. “Colombia is among the best-located countries in the world for generating solar power. Despite this, still only a fraction of the national energy demand is met with this kind of renewable energy. With the Bonos Solares Program and together with our partners, we want to contribute to overcoming this discrepancy by helping environmentally-friendly solar power make a breakthrough in Colombia.”

Together with the solar PV projects that have already been registered with Bonos Solares, the program now represents more than 350,000 tonnes of emission reductions per year. “We are very excited about our partnership with Trina and hope that more operators of solar PV plants will follow their example, and together with us will make an important contribution to diversifying and sustainably transforming Colombia’s energy generation system,” says Paola.

About Trina Solar ISBU

Over the last two decades, Trina Solar has emerged as a top-tier project developer worldwide, fostering reliable and long-term partnerships. Our downstream project development business segment provides utility and C&I project total solutions and services including project development, design, financing, EPC management, O&M and asset sales in China, Japan, U.S, Europe, Latin American region and Asian Pacific countries. Trina Solar has connected over 5GW+ of solar power plants to the grid worldwide, and has abundant project pipelines across the globe, with over 2.5 GW in Europe, more than 2.5 GW in Latin America, and at least 1 GW in Asia.

About Bonos Solares

Bonos Solares SAS (subsidiary of First Climate, a German-based carbon reductions solutions provider) is the Coordinating Management Entity (CME) of Bonos Solares Program. The CME is responsible for the management and operation of the PoA and acts as Focal Point for all communications with the Designated National Authority and with the UNFCCC Executive Board. It is registered under the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá.

More information on the program under: CJBQ4TV3H/view